Handblown Glass Beaded Earrings

30,00 $

a pair of artisan handmade glass earrings made with my handblown glass lampwork beads are light to wear, eye catching handmade jewelry gift for her…


Handmade Glass Lampwork Earrings are a pair of handblown glass beaded earrings that I made using my hollow glass lampwork bead supplies that I made on open torch. These are artisan pair of earrings that are definitely not identical, as I shaped them without using tools. I did not use the same order of glass colors either because I was playing with colors without having a project in mind. They are unique. As they are hollow glass beads, the earrings are very light to wear in beautiful colors. They are bohemian style eye catching handmade glass jewelry gift for her…

I used effetre striking yellow, semi opaque tan, vetrofond emerald green glasses to make the round handblown glass beads on open torch in my home studio. When I decided to make a pair of earrings with them, I used the lampwork disc beads that I have made and I made a pair of tiny lampwork headpins to bead them on. The hoop sterling silver earrings are 15mm (0.59inc.) and the length of the earrings are 45mm ( 1.77inc ) long.

The handblown glass beaded earrings are ready for shipping from Turkey by registered mail, it may take up to 2/3 weeks if you are in US or approximately at a similar distance to Turkey, please do not worry.

Thanks for visiting my shop, hope to see you again…

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Dimensions 4.5 cm