Handmade Baroque Lampwork Glass Beads


I made the glass lampwork beads on open torch in my home studio using three colors, whimsical unique supplies for handmade jewelry…

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Handmade Baroque Lampwork Glass Beads for unique handmade jewelry are classy baroque shaped multi color handmade glass beads, pink and blue cheerful summer fashion handmade bead supplies for a unique glass handmade jewelry.

I tried a different technique this time. Started with the center of the large bead, then made a purple frame on the edges and then I made another frame with navy blue glass on the rims, beautiful 20mm (0.79inc). Then I made two smaller baroque beads using pure silver foil under the glass frits and framing with purple only 15mm ( 0.59inc ). There are 2 small disc beads to use as spacer beads to go with them, I used the same transparent purple glass. All the beads are made on open torch in my home studio.

The beads are annealed for durability and are not easily broken, but please keep in mind that they are made of glass…

I make the shipping from Turkey by registered mail, it takes approximately a week to Europe and it may take up to 2/3 weeks if you are in US or approximately at a similar distance to Turkey, please do not worry.

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